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Ethical behavior is intrinsic to the way SupportMage™ conducts business and it is part of the Group’s legacy over the past years. We firmly believe that business must operate in a way that respects the rights of all its stakeholders and creates an overall benefit for society.

The SupportMageâ„¢ Ltd. has built their corporate reputation founded on ethical and transparent principles. It believes in adopting the best practices in terms of corporate governance that have continued to evolve over the years. Integrity, transparency and accountability are integral to the way the Group conducts its business in every sphere. SupportMageâ„¢ is proud of the longstanding respect it has earned over the years as a fair and caring employer, and respects all human rights both within and outside the workplace.

What binds together every member of the SupportMageâ„¢ family is a shared corporate culture shaped by the value-based guiding principles that underpin every business decision. All employees of SupportMageâ„¢ have a personal responsibility to help preserve the human rights of everyone at work and in the larger community.

The SupportMageâ„¢ ethos, Company vision and goals serve as guiding philosophies for our company, with the SupportMageâ„¢ Code of Conduct acting as its ethical roadmap.

Our Core Principles:

  • We are committed to operating our businesses conforming to the highest moral and ethical standards. We do not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form. This commitment underpins everything that we do.

  • We are committed to good corporate citizenship. We treat social development activities which benefit the communities in which we operate as an integral part of our business plan.

  • We seek to contribute to the economic development of the communities of the countries and regions we operate in, while respecting their culture, norms and heritage. We seek to avoid any project or activity that is detrimental to the wider interests of the communities in which we operate.

  • We shall not compromise safety in the pursuit of commercial advantage. We shall strive to provide a safe, healthy and clean working environment for our employees and all those who work with us.

  • When representing our company, we shall act with professionalism, honesty and integrity, and conform to the highest moral and ethical standards. In the countries we operate in, we shall exhibit culturally appropriate behavior. Our conduct shall be fair and transparent and be perceived as fair and transparent by third parties.

  • We shall respect the human rights and dignity of all our stakeholders.

  • We shall strive to balance the interests of our stakeholders, treating each of them fairly and avoiding unfair discrimination of any kind.

  • The statements that we make to our stakeholders shall be truthful and made in good faith.

  • We shall not engage in any restrictive or unfair trade practices.

  • We shall provide avenues for our stakeholders to raise concerns or queries in good faith, or report instances of actual or perceived violations of our Code.

  • We shall strive to create an environment free from fear of retribution to deal with concerns that are raised or cases reported in good faith. No one shall be punished or made to suffer for raising concerns or making disclosures in good faith or in the public interest.

  • We expect the leaders of our businesses to demonstrate their commitment to the ethical standards set out in this Code through their own behavior and by establishing appropriate processes within their companies.

  • We shall comply with the laws of the countries in which we operate and any other laws which apply to us. With regard to those provisions of the Code that are explicitly dealt with under an applicable law or employment terms, the law and those terms shall take precedence. In the event that the standards prescribed under any applicable law are lower than that of the Code, we shall conduct ourselves as per the provisions of the Code.

Our Employees:

Equal opportunity employer

  • We provide equal opportunities to all our employees and to all eligible applicants for employment in our company. We do not unfairly discriminate on any ground, including race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin, disability or any other category protected by applicable law.

  • When recruiting, developing and promoting our employees, our decisions will be based solely on performance, merit, competence and potential.

  • We shall have fair, transparent and clear employee policies which promote diversity and equality, in accordance with applicable law and other provisions of this Code. These policies shall provide for clear terms of employment, training, development and performance management.

  • Dignity and respect

  • Our leaders shall be responsible for creating a conducive work environment built on tolerance, understanding, mutual cooperation and respect for individual privacy.

  • Everyone in our work environment must be treated with dignity and respect. We do not tolerate any form of harassment, whether sexual, physical, verbal or psychological.

  • We have clear and fair disciplinary procedures, which necessarily include an employee’s right to be heard.

  • We respect our employees’ right to privacy. We have no concern with their conduct outside our work environment, unless such conduct impairs their work performance, creates conflicts of interest or adversely affects our reputation or business interests.

  • Human rights

  • We do not employ children at our workplaces.

  • We do not use forced labour in any form. We do not confiscate personal documents of our employees, or force them to make any payment to us or to anyone else in order to secure employment with us, or to work with us.

  • Bribery and corruption

  • Our employees and those representing us, including agents and intermediaries, shall not, directly or indirectly, offer or receive any illegal or improper payments or comparable benefits that are intended or perceived to obtain undue favors for the conduct of our business.

  • Gifts and hospitality

  • Business gifts and hospitality are sometimes used in the normal course of business activity. However, if offers of gifts or hospitality (including entertainment or travel) are frequent or of substantial value, they may create the perception of, or an actual conflict of interest or an ‘illicit payment’. Therefore, gifts and hospitality given or received should be modest in value and appropriate, and in compliance with our company’s gifts and hospitality policy.

  • Freedom of association

  • We recognize that employees may be interested in joining associations or involving themselves in civic or public affairs in their personal capacities, provided such activities do not create an actual or potential conflict with the interests of our company. Our employees must notify and seek prior approval for any such activity as per the ‘Conflicts of Interest’ clause of this Code and in accordance with applicable company policies and law.

  • Working outside employment with us

  • Taking employment, accepting a position of responsibility or running a business outside employment with our company, in your own time, with or without remuneration, could interfere with your ability to work effectively at our company or create conflicts of interest. Any such activity must not be with any customer, supplier, distributor or competitor of our company. Our employees must notify and seek prior approval for any such activity as per the ‘Conflicts of Interest’ clause of this Code and in accordance with applicable company policies and law.

  • Integrity of information and assets

  • Our employees shall not make any willful omissions or material misrepresentation that would compromise the integrity of our records, internal or external communications and reports, including the financial statements.

  • Our employees and directors shall seek proper authorization prior to disclosing company or business-related information, and such disclosures shall be made in accordance with our company’s media and communication policy. This includes disclosures through any forum or media, including through social media.

  • Our employees shall ensure the integrity of personal data or information provided by them to our company. We shall safeguard the privacy of all such data or information given to us in accordance with applicable company policies or law.

  • Our employees shall respect and protect all confidential information and intellectual property of our company.

  • Our employees shall safeguard the confidentiality of all third party intellectual property and data. Our employees shall not misuse such intellectual property and data that comes into their possession and shall not share it with anyone, except in accordance with applicable company policies or law.

  • Our employees shall promptly report the loss, theft or destruction of any confidential information or intellectual property and data of our company or that of any third party

  • Prohibited drugs and substances

  • Use of prohibited drugs and substances creates genuine safety and other risks at our workplaces. We do not tolerate prohibited drugs and substances from being possessed, consumed or distributed at our workplaces, or in the course of company duties.

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Our employees and executive directors shall always act in the interest of our company and ensure that any business or personal association including close personal relationships which they may have does not create a conflict of interest with their roles and duties in our company or the operations of our company. Further, our employees and executive directors shall not engage in any business, relationship or activity, which might conflict with the interest of our company or our group companies.

  • Should any actual or potential conflicts of interest arise, the concerned person must immediately report such conflicts and seek approvals as required by applicable law and company policy. The competent authority shall revert to the employee within a reasonable time as defined in our company’s policy, so as to enable the concerned employee to take necessary action as advised to resolve or avoid the conflict in an expeditious manner.

  • In the case of all employees other than executive directors, the Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director shall be the competent authority, who in turn shall report such cases to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. In case of the Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director and executive directors, the Board of Directors of our company shall be the competent authority.

  • Notwithstanding such or any other instance of conflict of interest that exists due to historical reasons, adequate and full disclosure by interested employees shall be made to our company’s management. At the time of appointment in our company, our employees and executive directors shall make full disclosure to the competent authority, of any interest leading to an actual or potential conflict that such persons or their immediate family (including parents, siblings, spouse, partner, children) or persons with whom they enjoy close personal relationships, may have in a family business or a company or firm that is a competitor, supplier, customer or distributor of, or has other business dealings with, our company.

  • If there is a failure to make the required disclosure and our management becomes aware of an instance of conflict of interest that ought to have been disclosed by an employee or executive director, our management shall take a serious view of the matter and consider suitable disciplinary action as per the terms of employment. In all such matters, we shall follow clear and fair disciplinary procedures, respecting the employee’s right to be heard.

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