We are more connected today than we were ever before in the history of human civilization. The advancement made in the field of technology and successful culmination of it in the consumer electronics along with rapid penetration of the internet has opened a whole world of opportunities for everyone.

The internet acts as a tool of communication, business, entertainment and much more. A number of people are using it for personal gain which has resulted in cyber-attacks and eventual unprecedented rise in crime rates. These rates are expected to increase more rapidly in the coming years if cyber security is not put in place.

SupportMage security products helps in bringing advanced security against the prevalent comprehensive and complex threats which devices, networks and individuals encounter on daily basis.

Our products are designed both for the individuals and small businesses which protects customers from the cybercriminals and the latest online threats.

Key highlights of our security products:

  • We also leverage intelligent, adaptive behavioural scanning with human learning to protect your devices against prevalent threats.
  • Spend less time managing security and more time on core individual or business activities.
  • Get dedicated IT or relationship personnel to solve issues quickly.

We also focus on securing the user’s data and information from the leakage, intrusion and attacks through Data Guard products. In digital world our personal information creates the online identity of the individual when this data is stolen by the criminals then it results in financial loss. Secondly we are always on move and tend to use multiple devices to interact with varied online and offline applications. Our solutions helps in protecting your files and enable you to access them from anywhere at any time which helps in increasing the productivity and turnaround time for you.

Install & Forget

Our products works on a highly intelligent machine learning along with human learning which helps in leveraging comprehensive security to the device and network with its simple to install and forget functionality.

Value Driven Solutions

Our solutions and expertise are powered by global experts such as LiveDrive, TrendMicro, Dell, MacAfee and other. We work in close relation with them and employ our learning to bring a highly sophisticated security solution for our clients and consumers.

Relationship Manager

We provide dedicated relationship manager for every customer unlike other companies where customers have to deal with customer support during critical times. These managers are there to address any queries that are related to the product or solution. We also offer advisory service to protect all our customers and SMEs from various kinds of cyber attacks, frauds and others intrusions.

SupportMage Products for Home Users

MSS- Basic

Secure and protect your single device against wide variety of malware, virus, spyware, ransomware & other intrusions. Get real-time threat monitoring, response and alerts along with robust firewall management.

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MSS –Pro

Protect multiple devices against malware, virus, spyware, ransomware and other intrusions. Real-time threat monitoring, response, robust firewall and a dedicated account manager will be made available to you.

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Data Guard Briefcase Basic

A really easy to use and yet powerful online backup solution. It keeps a copy of your files securely online, and lets you view them from any web browser anywhere. You can install it in minutes, and once it's installed you can forget about it – it just works in the background to protect your files.

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Data Guard Briefcase Pro

It is an all-in-one data storage solution which enables users to backup all of the PCs, tablets, phones, allow user to work on the move, help users collaborate on files and share documents between colleagues, and provide a branded portal to share documents privately (or publicly) with others.

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SupportMage Products for Business Users

As a small to medium-sized business (SMB) owner, you know how complex the threat landscape is getting and how costly it is to protect your business devices, data, and networks. Storing business data is a tedious task which requires highest level of security and support capabilities. Our UK based data centres are highly secured and we SOX compliant for our effective data storage and protection services which are among the best in the world. These two products are specifically designed for the business users:

TCSS Business Suite- Pro

Comprehensive security for your business with support for multiple devices in order to secure device, network and data with our easy to use Business Suite product.

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TCSS Business Suite - Advanced

Advanced Sec urity with encryption against range of cyberattacks comes with Advanced Business Suite. You get to collaborate with various offices across the globe on a secure network.

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Businesses must evolve their business practices to counter the rise of threats and intrusions to safeguard their data & business as a whole.

The targeted attacks on small & medium enterprises have risen dramatically in the last five years which can’t be neutralised or controlled by the typical antivirus programs. SupportMage TCSS business suite helps in protecting against the today’s ever evolving threats and attacks.

Advantage of TCSS over traditional antivirus

It goes beyond the typical capabilities of the Anti-Virus and brings the amalgamation of human and machine learning into bind to create highly sophisticated security solutions.

Enhanced security to critical business data against theft and intrusion.

Bank level security with use of encryption and highly advanced technologies to ward off prevalent attacks.

Allows users to collaborate in real time from across multiple locations with highest level security.

Dedicated Account or Relationship manager is in place to monitor the activity on your networks and get into action swiftly in case of any attack attempts or threats to mitigate the situation.

Product Delivery by SupportMage

SupportMage cyber security products are available to the users instantly after making the purchase through download links. You can make a purchase of our security product or software from the store and you will get a downloaded link from where designated software can be installed on the system.

Delivery of product through download gives you freedom to instantaneously secure your device or networks without much hassle. Consumers can even opt for a physical USB CyberSecurity Sticks.

Physical USB CyberSecurity Sticks

SupportMage CyberSecurity Sticks are activated for 30 days. Use it as many times as you need on up to 3 computers.

If you want to keep using your CyberSecurity Sticks after initial period, do nothing. Your CyberStick’s activation will automatically continue until cancelled and we'll charge the card you used at purchase as per the product standard price (plus any applicable taxes) for the next year and annually thereafter.

Your purchase is available for a refund (minus the shipping & handling fees) for the full 30 day trial period.

Call or email us anytime to de-activate your CyberStick and pay nothing more. You still keep your CyberSecurity Stick and can re-activate it anytime by plugging it in.

Managed Security Solutions Protecting You Against Cyber Attacks

Security software solutions protecting you against cybercrime 24x7.

100% secure payments

We support all kind of cards and wallets

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Use the 30 day window for a 100% No Questions Asked Cash Refund if you have any issues with our product.