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Respect for privacy is fundamental to SupportMage’s culture and helps maintain trust in our brand and in our products and services. SupportMage is transparent about our privacy practices, including why we collect, use, keep, and share personal information. Following is a summary of SupportMage’s philosophy on personal information protection. Read our complete Privacy Notice for more details.
Transparent Collection and Choice
SupportMage will explain why we need to collect personal information when we ask you for it and give you a choice when appropriate.
Limited Use
SupportMage will only use your personal information for the purpose we collected it. For example, to deliver a product or service that you requested, enable you to join online activities, or improve your experience with us. We will keep it only to fulfill compatible purposes, or additional purposes to which you have consented, or as required by law.
Limited Sharing
When SupportMage shares your personal information with authorized third parties, we provide them with only the amount they need to complete the service requested. We do not allow third parties to use your personal information for something different. We may also need to disclose your personal information to investigate or prevent illegal activities, enforce our rights, and other legal reasons.
SupportMage does not sell personal information to third parties, unless the information is included in the sale of a business or other assets, or you give us permission, or the data is de-identified.
Information Protection
SupportMage uses a combination of industry-standard security methods to protect your personal information from loss and misuse. For example, we use encryption when transmitting payment card information over the Internet.
It is Your Information
While SupportMage is a steward of the information you provide, you can access and request updates to your personal information and communication preferences by using one of the following methods: visit the specific product or service web site or Contact Us using the online form.
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