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SupportMage Refund Policy
SupportMage doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee on its products. Products do come with a 2 weeks to 30 days trial period wherein if you are not satisfied with your product for any reason then you can get the refund. . However, eligibility for a refund depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the type of product, subscription term, duration since purchase, where it was purchased, and so on.
Shipping, handling, and any applicable tax are not refundable except in certain states and countries where these items are refundable. If you receive a refund for your purchase, you are obligated to uninstall the software. In addition the license might, at SupportMage's sole discretion, be disabled to prevent further use.
Who is eligible
Subscribers to a SupportMage Consumer or Small Business Security product that make a request within 30 days of a product purchase. SupportMage does not provide partial refunds. The 30-day money back guarantee is not available for monthly subscribers.
If you are an individual user, and have acquired the products or services covered under this program for your personal or small business use, you can cancel your purchase from SupportMage and obtain a refund within a set time frame from the original purchase. If the purchase is outside of the following time frames, the refund will be denied:
  • 30 days for Retail Products
Who is not eligible
Monthly subscribers—individual users who cancel their monthly membership will no longer be charged in the next month of their subscription.
How to Contact Customer Service
SupportMage strives to deliver quality products, service, and support. If you are within the time frame for a refund and would like to request a refund, contact one of our customer service representatives at our Customer Service Toll Free Numbers:
  • US : 1844 331 8372
  • UK : 0800 031 5049
Removal Instructions
In accordance with the license agreement, after you receive your refund you must delete all program files for the product that you return.
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