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Our Vision - To become the most dependable Cyber Security Service Provider in the countries we serve. We believe protecting the information security of our customers is our key contribution in making the world a safer place for global collaboration.

Our Mission - To be a quick, empathetic and agile IT resolutions provider that caters to both residential and business consumers.

Our vision and mission are supported with:

People at SupportMage will continue to hire the best talent in information security and will be an outstanding environment within which to work. Our reputation comes from the people we hire, and their passion, at every level in the organization. Each one of our people will be treated as internal customers, while they continue to be trusted advisors for our customers. Our people and our cultural DNA will continue to inspire our clients.

Process We will continue to deliver new and innovative processes to our customers through flexible delivery models that fit our customers business needs. SupportMage will increase its reputation as the model MSSP, as an innovator for cloud security, and we will improve upon our already industry acknowledged best of breed customer service.

Technology Our platform will continue to set the standard for MSSP technology and services platforms. We will continue to bring together logical, physical and environmental security and combine these three areas with our Professional Security Services, active global threat intelligence and advanced detection correlation capabilities to help our customers detect, defend and respond to security threats.

visson and misson
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