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SupportMage is a ONE STOP SHOP for all end to end business solutions. We enable you with personalized security services and a wide array of essential business and consumer based IT services. Our experience and security model enables us to identify attacks and attack patterns as they begin to take shape. In worst case scenarios, a dedicated team of security specialists remedy an attack to your satisfaction. This heightened intelligence allows us to offer valuable insights into evolving risks and attack patterns affecting PCs and networks today. SupportMage gives you unparalleled visibility to acknowledge potential threats in all crucial arenas of your IT infrastructure, with intelligence driven insights powered by Trend Micro.
Our goal is also to protect your files and enable you to access them from any location at any time. We provide online storage solutions to consumers and businesses directly through our website. Our deployment team ensures application configuration and delivery for businesses.
Todays imperative businesses/Consumers prefer uninterrupted advancement. In that case if crucial data arent managed efficiently, they can pose a huge risk. These threats must be addressed with intelligence driven solutions, focusing on optimal resource utilization.
SupportMage provides IT solutions and business solutions to business houses and SOHOs. Our wide array of services includes:
We use industry best tools, technology, and expertise to protect your precious data. Our cyber security services helps you efficiently monitor the security of your data, which in turn helps you focus on your business goals peacefully. We provide turnkey solutions for complex information security challenges. SupportMage assists you fully to meet your security goals, keeping your operating costs minimal. We secure your vital information assets round the clock, for a fraction of cost which you otherwise incur maintaining on the go security resources.
Managed Security Solutions Protecting You Against Cyber Attacks

Security software solutions protecting you against cybercrime 24x7.

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